Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bad days, worse nights

October 30, 1928

I don't know why I bother! Yesterday I went to visit the funeral home where the Rosy [sic, should be Roby] bodies were taken after the murder [Dr. Hampton included a newspaper clipping on this page of the journal. It is not reproduced here]. Those damn English think they're quite amazing, don't they? What with their "the colonies" this and "damn yanks" that. I was in such a huff I didn't even try to get any information out of that pretentious director.

Lord knows I don't need this aggravation in addition to the trials I have at night. I've been having the damndest time getting to sleep. And then it's scarcely worth it! It's the London weather, I swear. Too damp, not enough light. Perhaps I should have Dermot rig up the Apparatus and I'll leave it on through the night.

[The following note was scribbled in the margin]
Must remember to speak with Graham Roby and Dr. Trollope

October 31, 1928

[The following entry was largely scratched out]
Had attrocious [sic] dream last night. [Illegible] horrible city, then hills, and then nine [illegible]. Stars disappeared and [illegible] reached for me.

October 31, 1928
Quite exhausted today. Will make only a brief entry.

Met Dr. Highsmith on train to St. Agnes Asylum. Had an interview with Roby - nonresponsive until we mentioned the possibility of discharge. Mentioned names: Malcolm Quarry, Edwards, Delia. Also says he needs to "finish his work" and seeks to "divert the King's (in Yellow, I presume) attention away from Earth."

Despite his questionable credentials, I must agree with Dr. Kirkwall. Roby is not fit for release.

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